5 ways to get ready for your first yoga class

Sometimes going to a class with other people is a more supportive way to unleash your inner yogi while improving your physical and mental health. Here are our top 5 ways to prepare for your first yoga class.

1. Get comfy

You don’t need the most fashionable or trendy clothes to perform poses in. Being comfortable and flexible is more important because it allows you to focus on movement rather than how you look. Sometimes an old t-shirt and leggings will work just as well!

2. Buy a mat and cushion

Many classes provide equipment but getting your own gives you more options. For example, if you want to practise at home or try new classes. A dedicated mat also makes your time more special and personal to you – a great aide for meditation. Take recommendations from your teacher or friends to find the right mat.

3. Take a friend

Trying new things by yourself, especially exercising, can be daunting. Convince a friend to join you to make you feel more comfortable and confident. It’s also a great way to meet new people and improve your friendship by bonding over yoga. You don’t need to take yoga super seriously, feeling less stressed by bringing a friend will help you concentrate on relaxation and movement.

4. Try out some poses at home

If you’re concerned about particular poses there are lots of guides and videos online which can make it easier in your first class. It’ll also make the poses less difficult if you have an understanding of some basic moves. By the time you join a class, your teacher will be able to help you improve those poses for when you practise at home.

5. Meditate

Yoga works with your mental and emotional health to improve your well-being all round. Some people find corpse poses the most difficult because it requires true relaxation. So practising meditation at home by taking time out of your day will boost your performance in the most difficult part of yoga. In our busy lives, we often don’t take time for ourselves, so meditation can drastically reduce stress on a daily basis.

Ready to try yoga for yourself? Find a class near you in our directory today.

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