The top 4 benefits of Reiki therapy

Reiki is the ancient art of healing. It is frequently referred to as hands-on-body healing, or palm healing, whereby a therapist places hands lightly on top of or across a patient’s body to channel the body’s energies and simplify the patient’s process of healing.

The therapy is undertaken by many people for varying health reasons such as physical healing, emotional healing or even spiritual healing.

Recent research has shown that receiving reiki treatment can have significant short- and long-term benefits and is particularly beneficial for those who receive the treatment regularly.

Read on for the top 4 benefits of undergoing Reiki therapy.

1. It can reduce stress

A wide range of evidence and personal testimonials support the theory that Reiki induces a feeling of relaxation, as it activates the relevant energy channels.

A Reiki practitioner is trained to manipulate a person’s energy centres in a way that instantly relieves tension, which means that clients who undertake Reiki treatment frequently are less prone to prolonged stress and anxiety.

2. It can improve sleeping patterns

Stress and anxiety are the leading cause of disturbed sleeping patterns; so naturally, a person who feels less stressed will sleep more soundly.

People who are undertaking relaxation-inducing Reiki therapy are less likely to go to bed with racing minds and a raised heart rate.

3. It helps with pain relief

A lot of people undergo Reiki therapy for physical pain relief. The hands’ ability to manipulate energies means that Reiki is excellent at targeting migraines, breathing ailments, muscular pains and even hormone-related physical pain such as premenstrual problems.

Reiki is also beneficial for pain relief as the treatment encourages the client to ‘switch off’ and train their brain to focus on other energies and areas within their bodies, rather than just focussing on their one specific pain point.

4. Physiological benefits

Reiki therapy is often the perfect release for people who lead busy lives and can’t find time during their daily hustle and bustle to unwind, reflect or find peace.

The emotional benefit of allowing an experienced Reiki practitioner to soothe a person’s energies, reduce their heart rate and cleanse the body of harmful toxins is priceless.
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