4 therapies for postnatal recovery

The postnatal period for new mums can come with many challenges. The physical recovery from birth, exhaustion from sleepless nights with a newborn and the anxiety of wanting to make sure that a new baby is well fed and healthy can leave new mums feeling drained and neglected. It is becoming increasingly apparent how important it is for new mums to ensure that as well as taking care of their new baby, they must also prioritise their own health too. Self-care means that they will ensure that they are in the best possible position physically and mentally to give their baby everything that they need.

Take a look at four of the most popular treatments that new mums explore during the postnatal period:


Homeopathy and natural remedies are often something that mums are interested in, especially when they may be breastfeeding and concerned about transferring chemicals to their baby. A popular and well-known homeopathic remedy is Arnica. This is often used to promote healing following birth and is available in tablet form or as a cream for external use.


Reflexology is also a popular choice during pregnancy. Many women continue to see their therapist following birth when they are seeking to reduce their stress and anxiety levels whilst getting their body back to its optimum state.


Acupuncture is one of the therapies that most often springs to mind when we want to give our bodies a natural boost. It is an ancient form of Chinese Medicine which uses fine needles to stimulate points of the body. Benefits for new mums can be to aid breastfeeding, ease pain resulting from the birth, and exhaustion amongst other things.

Chiropractic care

This is a therapy which may frequently be associated with back pain, which often comes hand in hand with a new baby. However, a chiropractor who has specialist knowledge about birth recovery can help your body adjust back to your its pre-pregnancy state. During pregnancy and birth, there can be lots of movement within your body, this includes muscular, ligament or bone changes, and a chiropractor can provide adjustments to help restore your previous alignment.

Prioritising your health is essential to your well-being after pregnancy and childbirth, and all of these therapies are widely recommended. You can find out more details about different therapies on our directory

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