3 ways to incorporate feng shui into your 2017 spring clean

Spring is almost in the air and with it comes the time to freshen up our homes and our minds! The ancient Chinese philosophy of feng shui has some fantastic principles that can aid our spring cleaning process, so before you don the rubber gloves and feather duster, be sure to check out these feng shui spring cleaning tips.

De-clutter and de-stress

Excess clutter and redundant belongings can sap your home environment of energy and leave your mind feeling cluttered too. Have a good clear out and be ruthless! Start by identifying cluttered areas, then work your way through each one, placing items that you no longer need or use in one box, and items you want to keep in another box. Items you’re unsure of can be placed in a third box marked ‘maybe’. Once you’re done, donate unwanted items to charity or friends, or hit up your local car boot sale, and restore your necessary items to their decluttered homes. Keep the ‘maybe’ box for six months; if you find you don’t use the items in there during that time, it’s time to let go!

Purify your air and light quality

Air and light are important aspects of feng shui, so take your spring clean as an opportunity to switch up your home decor to improve the purity of air and light in your home. You should try to let in as much natural light as possible and consider installing full-spectrum light bulbs so that you get a sense of natural light even on duller days. When it comes to air quality, you could install an air purifier or, if you’re the green-fingered type, add some lush, leafy plants to your home. Areca Palm, English Ivy and Ficus Alii are all wonderful examples of air purifying plants.

Get to grips with feng shui elements and your home’s energy map

Feng shui is a complex ancient philosophy and it’s impossible to learn all of its teachings overnight, but you should get to grips with a couple of the basics. Start by learning the feng shui elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) and defining the energy map (Bagua) of your home. Once you understand how each area of your home is connected to your life, and the ways in which the different elements interact with each area, you can begin to improve the flow of energy in various different aspects of your life. If you’re having difficulty learning the basics of feng shui or you’d like to get a little further into the nitty-gritty of the philosophy to maximise its impact, consider consulting a professional for advice during your spring cleaning process.

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