Which natural therapies can boost your fertility?

Complementary therapies are known to boost your wellbeing and energy levels but many physical conditions are also treated by natural health practitioners, from digestive problems to back pain. Many couples with fertility worries also turn to natural therapies to give them the best chance of conceiving that longed-for baby.

If you’re keen to start a family (or grow your existing one), it can be worth turning to natural therapies in a bid to boost your fertility. But which therapies are the most popular with mums-to-be?


The use of acupuncture in fertility treatments is long-established and believed to aid conception by unblocking and balancing your body’s energy, or ‘qi’ as it is known in China. The ancient treatment involves tiny, painless needles being expertly placed at key energy points around your body. Acupuncturists claim this can aid your fertility by balancing your hormones, increasing the energy and blood flowing to your ovaries, and helping you to relax. Some IVF clinics even have resident acupuncturists on hand for their patients. Acupuncture is also thought to boost male fertility and testosterone levels so why not opt for a couple’s appointment?


The Association of Reproductive Reflexologists advocate the use of reflexology to enhance fertility, whether you are aiming to conceive naturally or undergoing IVF. Finding a qualified reproductive reflexologist will ensure your treatment is carried out by someone trained to working alongside medical procedures. Reflexology involves treating your feet as a map of your body, so therapists will work on the areas corresponding with your reproductive system for the best results. It’s also intensely relaxing, which is known to be linked to improved fertility.

Nutritional therapy

To have the best chance of conceiving, it’s essential that your body has all of the nutrients it needs to create and nurture a healthy foetus. Nutritional therapists claim to be able to improve the quality of eggs or sperm, address inflammatory conditions that may be hindering conception, such as endometriosis, and help you maintain a healthy weight.

Meditation and yoga

Relaxation and positive energy are thought to be crucial in conceiving. When we’re stressed, we actually produce hormones that can act as a barrier to conception. Therapies like meditation and yoga can drastically reduce stress levels and boost fertility.

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