4 easy ways to detox naturally

The stresses of modern life take their toll on our mental and physical wellbeing, and most of us are intuitively aware of when our systems need a detox and recharge to work as they should once again. Happily, the body is designed to detox itself naturally, and you can help the process along gently and enjoyably. Here are four great ideas for a natural detox.

Clean up your diet

Focus on natural, unprocessed foods. Try a day of juicing – primarily vegetables with a little fruit as necessary – and drink lots of clean, filtered water. Reintroduce wholefoods based on plants and whole grains: avoid dairy which can be mucus forming, and meat which is difficult to digest. Cut processed foods, sugars, additives and chemicals from your diet, and aim to eat at least 8 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, ideally with fibre and fruit intact. Try making smoothies from the whole fruit in a high powered blender, which retains fibre and avoids stressing your blood sugar levels.


Get moving: walking, yoga and swimming are ideal. Stretch and focus on good posture when walking and sitting. Breathe deeply to recharge your lymphatic system and to send oxygen coursing around your body for a natural energy boost.

Rest and meditate

Sleep is essential. Aim for at least 7.5 hours of high quality sleep in a dark, cool room each night. Enjoy a short siesta in the afternoon if you feel tired: it can be very regenerative! Meditate each day, even if only for five minutes. There are all kinds of techniques; you can simply watch a flickering candle or take a walk whilst focusing on every sensation. Be mindful and turn off digital devices to give your mind and soul a break.

Use helpful ingredients

Epsom salts are a great natural bath ingredient when detoxing and will help you sweat out toxins. Magnesium is a great supplement for all-round wellbeing, especially for women, and often in short supply through an everyday diet. Try a homeopathic detox supplement or tea blend containing bitter roots to clean your system. It is well worth seeing a detox therapist for a personal programme that will give you the best results for your needs.

Above all, relax, recharge, and enjoy focusing on yourself and your wellbeing!

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