What are Australian Bush Flower Remedies and how can they help me?

Most of us have heard of flower essences (made popular by Dr Edward Bach), but Australian Bush Flower Remedies are not yet quite as well known. You may be wondering how they are different and what they can do to help you.

What are flower essences?

It’s useful to know first of all how flower essences or remedies work. They are prepared by infusing flowers in a carrier solution, thus capturing their individual healing properties.

The recommended number of drops can be taken directly onto the tongue, diluted in water or even through the skin in creams. Each individual essence delivers healing on an emotional and spiritual level for a specific condition, while empowering the mind and body to heal themselves.

As their name suggests, Australian Bush Flower Remedies are derived from plants found in the Australian bush, many of which have healing properties.

A closer look at Australian Bush Flower Remedies

Australia has a vast array of flowering plants, in fact the greatest variety in the world. Many of these have been used for tens of thousands of years by the Aboriginal people, and so their diversity and ancient qualities make them an attractive alternative to conventional flower essences.

Popular infusions include Mint Bush to counteract despair and promote calmness; Monga Waratah helps those with an addictive personality while encouraging self-empowerment; and Paw Paw is excellent for achieving focus and clarity in your life.

There are many more remedies to choose from, some bearing evocative names such as Illawara Flame Tree (for overcoming feelings of rejection and aiding confidence) and Kangaroo Paw (to help instil sensitivity and kindness), conjuring up visions of the Australian bush and its ancient, healing energy. You are sure to find a remedy to suit your own individual needs.

Visiting a therapist

A consultation with an Australian Bush Flower Remedies therapist will involve some gentle questioning to identify your unique challenges, and will guide you towards the remedy that will work best for you. You may be prescribed a single remedy or a combination of essences that are blended to help with an overarching theme.

You can find an Australian Bush Flower Remedies therapist in our Directory. They will be delighted to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

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