A nutritionist can help you gain weight the right way

We often hear about those people who look in the mirror and vow to lose weight – but what about those who are eager to gain a few extra pounds? It might sound like a preposterous idea for some, but it’s true that there are plenty of reasons why someone would want a shapelier figure. This includes the fact that they might currently be underweight, have lost an extreme amount of weight through illness, or are looking to gain muscle. In any of these scenarios a nutritionist can be of service. If you’re eager to put on a few pounds, here’s how such an expert can help you do it the right way.


There are ways to gain weight that don’t include bingeing on complex carbohydrates and fatty snacks. Instead, you can pile on the pounds by sticking to food that’s high in protein and nutrients. A nutritionist can point you in the right direction when it comes to these, meaning you won’t go too far in the other direction with your weight.


There are certain times of the day that are better for consuming food. This can vary from person to person, but generally includes designated times for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as multiple snacks throughout the day. If you overload on calories at the wrong time – perhaps right before bed – it could mean gaining weight in the wrong way.


Exercise is a crucial part of any balanced diet and you should still partake in physical activity even when you’re trying to bulk up. Once you explain your current exercise regime to a nutritionist, the expert will be able to advise the best foods to support your regime by providing enough energy and substance to keep you fit and active. Don’t forget, this will ultimately be the key to how you gain a figure that looks healthy.

Try it!

It can be a minefield to attempt to gain weight without the help of a professional. It could mean that your health takes a hit and your figure becomes undesirable. With this in mind, check out the nutritionists in our directory to see how they can help.

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