Three ways physiotherapy isn’t just for athletes

Physiotherapy is a treatment often associated with athletes. In fact, the term is most readily used in regards to footballers, rugby players, swimmers and other sports stars. It’s time you realised that you don’t need to be the next David Beckham or Tom Daley to benefit from physiotherapy though. You don’t even need to be particularly active! Instead, the treatment can be helpful for the average person who works a standard nine to five job. With this in mind, here are three circumstances in which physiotherapy could aid you.

Sleep deprivation

The average adult requires between seven to nine hours shuteye each night. Sadly, this quota isn’t always met for those people who suffer from sleep apnea (irregular breathing) or excessive snoring. A physiotherapist is capable of widening your breathing channels though, therefore ensuring a better night’s sleep for long-term sufferers. The treatment can also help the body relax when it’s sleeping. Don’t forget, a lack of rest can result in a poor immune system and the health issues associated with it.

Weight problems

The perfect balance of diet and exercise typically achieves weight loss. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to partake in physical activity if your body isn’t geared up to do so. Physiotherapy can help in this department because it can relax and ease up the muscles, therefore making it more manageable to work out and get fit. This can mean that you’ll be on your way to shedding those extra pounds once you have experienced the treatment.


Injuries don’t just happen to athletes – nor are athletes the only ones who shouldn’t have to settle with reduced mobility. If you’ve hurt yourself – whether it’s a sprained ankle or a strained ligament – you don’t have to suffer through this. Instead, you can reap the rewards of physiotherapy. After all, it’s important that you’re active and mobile even if you just work in an office.

Try it!

Physiotherapy might be the answer you’re looking for – even if you’re not an athlete! Whether you’re dealing with an injury, attempting to lose weight or simply eager to get a decent night’s sleep, be sure to check out the physiotherapists in our directory to see how they can help.

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