How colour therapy can improve your mood

While most people are aware that different environments create different moods, many of us are unaware of how colour affects our wellbeing. Colour therapy, (sometimes called Chromotherapy), is a type of holistic healing that affects your mood, as well as mental and physical health. Colours have been shown to have specific properties that can be used to affect cells in our bodies.

Colour therapy is an ancient practice that has been revived in recent times as our understanding of the effects of colour have deepened. Ancient Chinese texts contain records of colour therapies and it was also practiced by the ancient Egyptians who built temples for healing and used crystals through which they shone sunlight.

Modern colour therapy uses light in the form of colour to work with the body’s energy centres or chakras. It is a gentle, non-invasive complementary therapy that can help with a wide range of health issues.

There are many associations with different colours. Below are some of the commonly accepted qualities connected with certain colours, and their uses in therapy.

Properties of different colours

RED – Energising, strengthening, motivating. Enhances: confidence, initiative, attention to detail. Used for: depression, pessimism, shyness.

ORANGE – Stimulating, revitalising, mind-opening. Enhances: inner strength, optimism, joy. Used for: unhappiness, grief, trauma.

YELLOW – Stimulating, uplifting, cleansing. Enhances: self-confidence, self-control, clear headedness. Used for: depression, fatigue, lack of confidence.

GREEN – Balancing, refreshing, harmonising. Enhances: responsibility, compassion, self-acceptance. Used for: anxiety, stress, confusion.

BLUE – Calming, steadying, clarifying. Enhances: relaxation, creativity, truthfulness. Used for: anger, insomnia, high blood pressure.

INDIGO – Wisdom, spirituality, inspiration. Enhances: understanding, intuition, peacefulness. Used for: anxiety, obsessiveness, psychoses.

PURPLE – Inspiration, imagination, perception. Enhances: empathy, sense of belonging, insight. Used for: fearfulness, obsessions, low self-esteem,

A session of colour therapy will leave you feeling relaxed and uplifted. It helps tackle problems in a gentle, yet empowering way, so that clients emerge feeling refreshed, renewed and with a strong sense of inner power.

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