Three reasons to have your teeth whitened before a job interview

It can take more than a good CV and a handful of positive references to land your dream job. In fact, it can all rest on your teeth – particularly how white they are looking. This is certainly something to consider if you’ve just been given an interview and want to make sure that you’re the person who walks away with an offer. With this in mind, let’s look at three reasons to have your teeth whitened before a job interview.


You should feel proud every time you open your mouth – and not just with your answers! Instead, your pearly whites should be yet another source of self-confidence for you to utilise in what’s usually a high-pressure situation. The fact that your teeth look pristine can only lift your spirits before the interview, in the process increasing your self-esteem and reminding you that you’ve got nothing to worry about.


There’s a reason you wear business attire for an interview. It’s because you want to show the employers that you can look professional and be a good representative for the company. Well, white teeth can also achieve this. They will not only show that you care about your appearance and take pride in yourself, but also that you’re suitable to be in customer or client-facing roles if necessary.


Interviews are generally keen to lock down a candidate with a strong bill of health because it reduces the chances of hiring someone who will be prone to sick days. Your Hollywood smile can be all the evidence they need in this department. You’ll appear as the type of person who looks after themselves, perhaps by not smoking or avoiding sugary food. Ultimately, your white teeth will be just another way to make yourself stand out from the other candidates.

Don’t miss the opportunity!

It really would be a crying shame to allow your dream job to slip through your fingers just because you didn’t make a good impression with your teeth – especially when you can easily have them whitened before the interview. To find an expert who will be able to carry out the procedure for you,be sure to check out our directory.

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