Three common natural medicine mistakes

For anyone new to natural or alternative medicine, there is a wealth of information out there, with some of it contradictory. As such, it can be difficult for first time users to make informed choices. Having correct information is essential, especially when your health is involved – having the wrong information may actually end up damaging your health! As such, our experts have listed some of the most common mistakes users of natural medicine make, whether they are trying it out for the first time, or having been taking it for years.

1. Taking too much

It is possible to have too much of a good thing; ingesting excessive amounts of anything is likely to have negative consequences, including carrots which make your skin turn orange, and even water which could actually kill you! When you find a natural medicine or supplement which makes you feel better, it is essential to realise that taking more of it may not make you feel even healthier. Always follow the instructed recommended dosages as according to the labels, and always obtain your medicine from a reputable source, who can offer you personal advice if needed.

2. Believing in a ‘miracle’ cure

The health benefits from taking natural medicine can be amazing, but it is unlikely that one remedy will act as a miracle cure for all of your problems. Don’t believe any natural medicine which claims to be able to solve every illness under the sun. It’s also important to remember that taking supplements and alternative medicine work best as part of a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet, both of which are key to your physical and mental health.

3. Following trends on the internet

The internet is an ideal place for adverts promoting new natural remedies for apparently bargain prices. Our experts would advise everyone to do proper research on any natural medicine or supplement before buying and taking it – you should never try a new remedy based solely on one single advert. By doing proper research, reading medical journals and ensuring your sources are reputable, you can avoid most of the dodgy side of the internet’s false alternative medicine operations. Remember, if anything seems questionable then question it!

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