Health benefits of Reiki massages and Reiki treatments

Reiki is a traditional Japanese technique used for stress reduction and relaxation. Normally practiced by laying hands over the patient’s body and interacting with energy flows, Reiki is used therapeutically all over the world. The name Reiki is made of two Japanese words, ‘Rei’, meaning ‘higher power’, and ‘Ki’, which means ‘life force energy’; the idea is that people with lower life force energy can feel stressed, depressed and become sick more easily and that a trained professional can increase the positive energy flow into a client’s body.

1. Reduces Anxiety and Depression

Many studies have found that people undergoing Reiki treatment can experience an improvement in their mood, combatting anxiety and depression. If you frequently succumb to negative moods and low energy, then Reiki may help to improve this by increasing your life force energy and dissolving any negative energy blockages within your system.

2. Increases white blood cell production

White blood cells are key to maintaining a body’s natural defence against diseases and other infections. These cells are best produced when a person is relaxed and is in a positive mindset. As such, the natural relaxation that you gain through Reiki massages means your immune system will be enhanced due to the increases in white blood cell production that you are likely to experience.

3. Eases Pain

While not a direct cure, Reiki has been shown to be an effective supplementary method to long-term aches and pains. One study has shown that cancer patients who underwent Reiki experienced a significant reduction in anxiety, pain and tiredness. If you have tried lots of therapy already and found that nothing quite relieves that dull ache, then maybe Reiki will be the solution.

4. Promotes inner peace and calms the mind

Reiki helps a patient to connect with their inner flows of energy and connect with their true centre of being. This is likely to help you become more aware of negative energy and negative patterns that need to change in order to help your spiritual development. By using Reiki to increase the positive energy within yourself, you can clear and calm your mind, and finish the session completely at peace with yourself.

If you feel that you would benefit from Reiki treatment and Reiki massages then please have a look at our directory pages.

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