Shining some light on crystals

To be healthy does not just depend on physical, mental and emotional properties, but also the field of energy that surrounds and penetrates us. And even the most sceptical of people may grudgingly agree that an infusion of light and colour can lift their sense of well-being. It’s probably why crystals now appear in jewellery and ornaments in homes across the UK, even if their owner doesn’t fully understand their value.

So let’s shed some light on quartz crystals.

Crystal light healing is the modern way of achieving what the Native Americans, Mayans, Incas and East Indian Ayurvedic shamans did in ancient times. Usually when the sun was at its highest point, they would lie down, earthed on the warm ground, with crystals arranged around them. The colour, light and crystalline energy could then infuse them externally, internally and in their meridians, healing what ailed them and correcting imbalances.

Today we can do this indoors, relaxed on our therapist’s couch, with additional aromas and sounds to soothe and heal.

Crystals supposedly vibrate at a pitch identical to humans. Skilled therapists can choose one from the hundreds available to create resonance between human and the stone to either combat the illness’ vibration or amplify positive health. But their potential is fully released when light is shone through them to create relaxing, non-invasive and completely pain-free therapy.

Crystal light therapy uses polychromatic light, high energy crystals and colour therapy to pinpoint specific health issues. The light part of the treatment is clear. Few would dispute the connection between light and health; especially the way it can influence mood and lift depression.

Now imagine if you concentrate light energy by transmitting it through powerful ancient conductors.

It’s not just the colour that influences its effect, but also the shape and size. And did you know that crystals need to be “recharged” to cleanse them and prepare them for future healing?

Our Directory includes people skilled in the properties of crystals with knowledge of which one can boost your body, mind or spirit.

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