Our favourite superfoods and their benefits

Superfoods are nutrient-rich treats with nutritional and well-being benefits that surpass most foods by far. These hidden gems of the food world are becoming more and more publicised in press and even in the menus of the country’s most popular restaurants. We love superfoods and can’t wait to share a few of our favourites and their impressive qualities with you.

1) Açai

The small purple berry with powers which will astound is a favourite amongst all the best nutritionists. It has long been touted as a brilliant aid for both weight-loss and anti-ageing, as well as containing antioxidants proven to combat heart diseases and cancers. However, avoid shop bought Acai juices, as they can contain high levels of sugar.

2) Goji berries

Inordinately high with Vitamin C, these tiny berries certainly pack a punch. They have been used for centuries in ancient medicine to fight visual ailments, poor circulation and to boost the immune system.

3) Seaweed

Sea-grown vegetables seem to be packed with omega-3 fatty acids, perfect for preventing strokes and heart disease. Seaweed is full of other enriching minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium and far more!

4) Chia seeds

Extremely popular in smoothies, stir-fries and even to top off a tasty fish dish, chia seeds are a fantastic way to boost your omega-3 and calcium levels. They are a Mexican delicacy to remember!

5) Cacao powder

We’re sure you never expected anything perfect for baking a chocolate cake to be on this list! Unprocessed cacao powder comes in at under 15 calories per tablespoon and is proven to reduce blood pressure. This low fat treat is absolutely full of antioxidants and is virtually fat-free.

6) Prunes

Jam-packed with polyphenols, prunes are not one to underestimate. Polyphenols are a plant chemical known to boost the density of your bones by stimulating the regrowth of rejuvenating cells, a quality found in very few foods.

7) Bok choy

An Asian vegetable packed with calcium, bok choy is not only proven to strengthen bones and teeth, but is even known to curb symptoms and cramps caused by PMS!

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