Have you heard of theta healing?

Theta healing is a technique that focuses on thought, intuition and prayer, and was developed in 1995 by Vianna Stibal. Vianna was suffering from cancer and had tried both conventional and alternative medicine to no avail, but found that she was instantly cured after she used theta healing on herself. The technique centres around using a theta brain state to communicate directly with the physical body, or the psyche, depending on where the issue is. Once in this brain state, theta healers believe that it is possible to communicate with The Creator Of All That Is and ask for them to perform healing on the client.

What is a theta brain state?

A theta brain state is a very special and powerful state of consciousness that we experience just as we are waking up or going to sleep. Yogis experience this brain state when they meditate deeply, and the rest of us can cultivate theta thought waves by praying, visualising or saying affirmations. Lab tests using EEG (electroencephalography) machines have verified the individual nature of theta thought waves, distinguishing them from alpha waves (which we experience when having a bath or during light meditation), beta waves (which we have whilst talking or reading) and delta waves (which occur when we are asleep).

What happens during a theta healing session?

Usually your fully qualified theta healer will first ask permission to connect to your energy, and once you have agreed then they will consult with you on what particular issue you’d like to work on. If there is nothing in particular, they may ask you what you could change in your life if you had the chance, whether this is physical or emotional. Your healer may conduct an intuitive scan on your body and psyche in order to locate blocked energy within you. This blocked energy, which could be deep within your DNA or even from a past life, is most often what is causing the issues in your present life. Following this, your healer will do some belief work and healing, although your permission will be sought before any change are made to a belief that you hold.

How does the healer generate theta brain waves?

All fully qualified theta healers will have been taught by a verified instructor how to access the theta brain state. They will use this knowledge to tap into theta thought waves, using the waves’ potent power to clear any limiting beliefs that you hold and ensure that you live the most positive life possible.

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