Good reasons to have your teeth whitened before starting a new job

There’s often a long list of things to do before starting a new job. You need to choose an outfit, finalise travel arrangements and stock up any supplies that you’ll need for your first day. In addition, there are plenty of benefits to enjoy from having your teeth whitened. Here are four reasons to sport a pearly white smile before starting a new job.

First impression

It’s very unlikely that your new colleagues will think you’ve had your teeth whitened. Instead, they’ll more than likely suppose that you’re just lucky enough to have naturally gleaming teeth because they haven’t seen you before. There’ll be no reaction to the fact that you’ve had the procedure, unlike if you were to get it done several weeks into the job.


Everyone desires a pristine smile. Therefore, your whitened teeth should give you an extra boost of confidence when you rock up for the first day in your new role. After all, you’ll be the envy of your colleagues – so there’s no reason to feel that you don’t deserve to be working alongside them all.


You’ll be more likely to advance in the role if you have a well-maintained appearance. This is because you can be counted on for customer or client-facing roles. White teeth are usually a sign of great personal hygiene, which is often a stepping stone to progressing through the ranks of a company.

Picture perfect

Be prepared for a HR team member to request that you have your picture taken on your first day. This image could simply be stored on file or it could be used on your ID. Wouldn’t it be awful and stressful if this photo – which could stick with you for years – didn’t show the best version of yourself? Meanwhile, you’ll be proud to show off your teeth at the first sign of a camera if you’ve had them whitened.

Good luck!

A new job opens up many exciting possibilities – so don’t miss the opportunity to knock it out of the park by showing up with a pearly white smile on your first day. For more information about having your teeth whitened, check out our directory.

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