Four misconceptions about using hypnotherapy to quit smoking

You will probably have heard that hypnotherapy is a solution for quitting smoking – but you might not be convinced that it’s for you. This is because there tends to be several misconceptions about the treatment and what it involves. Here are just four incorrect illusions that people are under when it comes to using hypnotherapy for quitting smoking.

It’s the last resort

No, hypnotherapy isn’t the last resort. Instead, it can be your first plan of action. There’s no need to have been on a constant merry-go-round of nicotine patches and tobacco sticks before deciding that the treatment can help. If you’re adamant that you want to give up cigarettes for good then there’s no reason why you can’t turn straight to hypnotherapy.

It’s invasive

A hypnotherapist isn’t there to prod into your background and unearth the reasons why you started smoking in the first place. Their actual role is to plant ideas in your head about cigarettes, such as that they taste disgusting and smell foul. The experience is nowhere near as mentally invasive as people imagine it will be.

It’s for extreme cases

You don’t have to be going through 40 cigarettes a day to benefit from hypnotherapy. Instead, you can be the type of person who turns to smoking when under pressure or when having a drink at the weekend. Cigarettes are still harmful whether you smoking one a day or 20 – and whichever box you fall into hypnotherapy is there to help.

It’s time-consuming

You’ll be put into an altered sense of awareness when you visit a hypnotherapist. The actual session will then last around an hour, with some people experiencing results after just one visit. It’s nowhere near as time-consuming as people imagine, especially when you consider that some people can wear patches for months in an effort to quit.

Give it a go!

If you’re desperate to quit your habit and have yet to clock on to the benefits of hypnotherapy, then now might be the time to give it a go. The treatment has a high success rate and is readily used to help people give up once and for all. To book a session, check out the hypnotherapists available in our directory.

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