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Medical Acupuncture

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Hi wander if anyone can help me.

I am aware of the difference between TCM and medical acupuncture.

However can anyone tell me the difference between; Dry Needling, Medical Acupuncture and Acupuncture the Dr Neilson Method?

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TCM ("traditional" chinese medicine) is the basis for acupuncture that's practiced in mainland China and Taiwan, different from say, Korea and Japan. Its far from Traditional, being a system constructed under Mao. However, it is based on ancient Taoist ideas of Chi, Yin and Yang and meridians. It is used for almost anything in China, often in conjunction with herbs. In the UK "Traditional" has taken on a wider meaning as the original ideas have been stretched in new directions such as 5 Element or Person-Centred Acupuncture. In general, all these styles are practiced by non-medically trained people. Check out the British Acupuncture Society site. Training is a minimum of 3 years.

Medical acupuncture is used by GP's and physios etc, and is not bases on the old concepts but on a western interpretation of body function, and is used primariliy for pain relief, rather than say, insomnia or infertility. Training can be as short as 24 hours over 2 weekends. The British Medical Acupuncture site goes into details. Dry needling is a term used by this group to differentiate from injections- it generally refers to something called "Trigger point" acupuncture.

Can't help with Neilson - sorry.



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'Dry needling' is what physios, chiropractors and so on call their brand of acupuncture. Basically, dry needling = medical acupuncture. Afraid I can't help on the Neilson thing either though!

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