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Acupuncture training - college of chinese medicine?

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Hey all

I have decided finally to take the plunge and seriously investigate acupuncture training.

A few years ago I was a hairs breadth from attending the CICM, but life circumstances made it impossible at the time.

I have seen a few colleges and the ones I am considering are:

CICM - expensive and heavy going with attendance every other weekend - combined with a family and full time job, but looks to be amazing - total cost Β£23,500 but could get a student loan
The Acupuncture Academy in Leamington spa - 3 year training (BAAB accredited) - total cost Β£16,500, no student loan though

I have also seen the College of Chinese Medicine in London which offers a two year course, I wondered if anyone here has had any experience of this college? The cost of the two year course is Β£5000 which seems really cheap, but there is lots of attendance over the two years.

Any thought appreciated.

Abi xx

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I am in the same situation. I am considering enrolling on the course at that college too as it sounds very good and I like the practical approach. Infact I am not looking for a degree but a good diploma that gives all it needs to practice acupuncure legally, safely and effectively.
A person I know is at year 2 and she says it s very good and the teacher are very knowledgeble and the standards high.
I am pondering choices and feedback from other students/ practitioner at the moment and soon will decide. πŸ™‚

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I trained at CICM, that was a very intense time in my life as I was working full time. Absolutely no social life, always tired, every spare moment spent studying. It was worth it, their great reputation is deserved.