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Astral Projection/meditation and Wicca

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I am trying to use astral projection and practicing meditation regularly in order to try and improve my psychic abilities etc and emphasise my wiccan devotion. Does anyone have any tips or knowledge as how to best use this to improve myself in terms of psychic abilities and wicca? I hope all that makes sense

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RE: Astral Projection/meditation and Wicca

well meditation, small steps, learning to relax and unwind is the first thing, and even if you can empty your mind for a few seconds,. concentrating on something like maybe a tarot card or a flower or a pebble, and let your thoughts centre solely on that. Then gently away into your own mind just for a nano second. The more you do the better it becomes. But later at night in a candle lit room and no disturbances. Once you find your mind back on day to day then stop, don't get annoyed its common and survival also. It takes years to be able to Meditate properly. Maybe if you ask Sunanda as Ibelieve she's a Buddhist, and she may have better more effective ways to get you started.
Astral Projection, I should find a tutor for that and read everything you can lay your hands on first.
the meditation will help you in all your life, not just your Wiccan life.