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ghost hunting programmes and spiritualist things.

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to all in Durham or near by, a friend has asked me if I know of any ghost hunting programmes and spiritualist things in or near Durham, she is looking to buy a present for someone and thought it would be a good idea to get something related to this as they don't have many interests. thanks

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Hi AP,
We are in durham area and know of a few places/programmes that might be of interest.

These guys run regular ghost hunts and clairvoyant events.

They have a strong following on facebook and send out updates and invites from that site so if your friend is on facebook suggest checking them out on there as well.

Crook Hall in Durham is a lovely place to visit. Gorgeous old historic building, beautiful gardens, history of haunted staircase etc etc. Occasionally the owners host an evening tour that includes a ghost hunt as the place is haunted. Go into the old Hall and feel the energies in there!!!
[url]Historic Visitor Attractions, North East England, UK - Crook Hall & Gardens,[/url]

There is an excellent Spiritual mentor called Trudy Ashplant in Durham. She has many talents but I can particularly recommend her readings and her ascension and spiritual workshops. [url]Meditation CDs, Trudy J Ashplant qualified in Tarot, Astrology, Palmistry, Aura Soma[/url]