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Anyone want to volunteer???

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Hi all ! I'm in Wooburn Green! I've lived in the area since I was ten ( I wish that was only 10 years ago - but it isn't!)
I'm studying at Champneys college over in Tring after a planned career change - I was cabin crew for 10 years.. ( I'm doing the full CIBTAC Beauty Therapy Course) mocks are in April.:eek:
I am DESPERATE to find a volunteer who can come in to the college on 15th April, for the day, to literally, be a body!!
The person needs to be available for the whole day, have no health issues that would affect facials, mani, pedi, waxing and body treatments ( can be more specific later).........
The person needs to come in with make up on, toe and finger nails painted, hair available for waxing on underarm, bikini line and legs ( although we only wax one area ) and be able to have all electrical treatments ( ie, Galvanic, Faradic on face and body). It won't cost you anything, I'll pay! It is such a scarey time for all of us sitting the exam and we have just had this bombshell dropped on us, that we need to find our own reliable clients for exam purposes.
PLease get in touch if you are interested. I can tell you a whole lot more !!!!! Thanks for reading this and if you know of anyone who might be interested in helping (I'll be eternally grateful!), please direct them to this site to get in touch. Thanks so much! Sue

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pm'ing you asap