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Tarot Reading For Pets?

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Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone has ever read the Tarot (or any oracle) cards for their pet? There are several spreads available for animals. I've only read for one of my (late) dogs, very near to the end of her earthly life.
It can be difficult to be objective, but it was a very moving and enlightening act. I did of course ask her first if she was happy for me to do so πŸ™‚
Barbara x

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Hello tarot lady
I know it is years since you sent your question but I have only just signed up to day. I have done a number of readings for pets both clients and my own. My most recent was a past life reading for my little male black guinea pig Kingu, whose name i have borrowed for my user name. Surprisingly the spread revealed that Kingu was a psychic fortune teller in a past life. A human female whose gift made her well respected in her village. No wonder my guinea pig a i have such a strong bond.

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@kingu This is something i am really interested in, animal communication.Β  Any advice on how to make the switch from human readings to pet readings?Β  I've done a couple of online courses but i am still struggling with it.