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Tea Tree use in 7 month old baby

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Hi there,

My 7 month old daughter has ringworm on her inner arm. The Fragrant Pharmacy suggests using a drop of neat tea tree oil 3 times a day. I love this book and value its information, but as I'm not at all trained in aromatherapy, I wanted a second opinion from you lovely folk on whether you would use this on a baby this young or whether you would use Lavender, which is also indicated in the treatment of ringworm.

Many thanks for your help!


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Has it definitely been diagnosed as ringworm? Unusual on a child so small unless she has been in contact with an infected surface or animals that might be carrying the spores. If it hasn't been confirmed by a doc, get his/her opinion first.

I would not use neat tea tree oil - you could try mixing one drop with half a teaspoon of virgin coconut oil, and then apply it sparingly over the affected area. Make sure that you don't rub that part of her arm top vigorously after a bath - let it air dry if you can, and don't let anyone else use her towel - use a clean one for each bath - otherwise the spores can be spread.

I was plagued with the condition as a child and young woman - I had a horse so it was kind of inevitable! I last noticed a problem patch when I was 22 - not seen it since.