Choosing the yoga style that’s right for you

If you’ve decided to give yoga try, you’ll probably have discovered that there are many different styles out there and are wondering which one would be right for you. It all depends on what you want to get out of your yoga class, with different styles offering different benefits. If you are just starting out in yoga, make sure that any class you pick is suitable for beginners.


This is a good style for beginners as it focuses on teaching the basic yoga poses. Classes are slow-paced and gentle.


Vinyasa or vinyasa flow yoga tends to be more vigorous than hatha. In this style you will move through a series of poses called sun salutations, matching your breath to the movements.


A relatively recent addition to yoga styles, anusara focuses on physical alignment and the belief that we are all filled with intrinsic goodness. In these classes you will aim to open your heart and let your inner goodness shine through.


Similar to vinyasa in that you will move from pose to pose in time with the breath, ashtanga yoga is much more vigorous, giving you a good work out. In ashtanga yoga, you will move through exactly the same poses in the same order for each class.


Bikram classes are taught in a heated studio, so expect to get very sweaty. Bikram classes move through 26 postures in a sequence which remains constant.


Very similar to Bikram yoga, hot yoga takes place in a heated studio, but the postures differ.


Iyengar yoga is a good choice if you’re recovering from an injury or have a chronic condition. In an Iyengar class, you will focus on the proper alignment of the body in each pose using props such as belts and blocks. Iyengar teachers undergo extensive training and have a high level of skill.


Also called yin yoga, in restorative yoga, you’ll use blocks, blankets and other props to maintain a position without having to exert any effort. Your body benefits from these passive poses and you should feel restored, as the name suggests.

Whether you’re looking for complete relaxation or a sweaty workout, there’s a yoga class to suit you. Take a look on our directory to find one near you.

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