What is Reiki?

Reiki is a therapy treatment and form of alternative medicine which was developed in 1922 by a Japanese Buddhist. The therapy used the practise of the practitioner laying hands onto or near the patient to induce a healing process. Reiki therapy helps to heal the person by transferring what is referred to as ‘universal energy’ from the therapist to the patient, through the palm of their hands, and can be used for both emotional and physical healing.

A glowing radiance

Recipients of the treatment describe Reiki treatment feeling like a glowing radiance flowing through their body, helping to increase feelings of relaxation. Some people have described feelings of physical tension in their body and muscles melting away during a Reiki session. People have used the treatment to increase feelings of well-being and inner peace. Whilst there is no research that has proved the medical benefits of using Reiki treatments, many recipients have reported remarkable results to both their physical and mental well-being, as the therapy treats the whole person.

For people already taking traditional medicines or using other treatment forms, Reiki can be used in conjunction to help increase the healing powers of those treatments, and help to relieve symptoms.


Those individuals looking to become Reiki masters will not be taught in a traditional sense, but instead have the technique transferred to them by another Reiki master during a class. The ‘attunement’ is passed from one Reiki onto another, giving the student the power to tap into a limitless supply of ‘life force energy’ which they can then use to improve their own health and quality of life. Once the power has been transferred to the student it can then be used to treat other people who are looking to receive the many benefits of a Reiki session.

Reiki is not a religion

Reiki is not a religion, and therefore appeals to many people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Anyone can become a Reiki master, with people from all cultures using the therapy to great success. The ease with which one can benefit from Reiki is also part of the reason the therapy has been so widely used worldwide. The ethical principles promoted in Reiki of peace and harmony are adopted universally across almost every culture.

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