Two great stress relieving massage therapies

Many of us have enjoyed the tremendously relaxing, rejuvenating benefits of a massage before. From tired muscles to stress and fatigue, there are so many health-boosting reasons to have a massage. There are several different treatment types of massage, and depending on what you’re looking for, from treating tired muscles to relaxing and relieving stress, some forms could be better suited to you than others. Below, we’ve listed three great types of massage and the health benefits they offer.

Hot stone massage

A hot stone massage is great if your body and muscles are stiff and you need to relieve muscle tension. The therapy places water-heated stones at key points on the body, encouraging deep muscle relaxation by easing the tension in your muscles. The therapy can also increase circulation, as the blood vessels are encouraged to expand through the heat from the stones, which improves the flow of blood around the body. The deep relaxation from the stones allows the massage therapist to give a very deep, healing massage which relieves tension and stress from right across the body. The heat from the stones also provides a sedative effect, which has been known to help alleviate chronic pain. To find a hot stone massage therapist in your area, click here:

Indian head massage

Indian head massages have grown in popularity in recent years, as a counter therapy to the hectic ‘always on’ nature of our lives. The treatment helps to increase mobility in the neck and shoulders by relieving stress and tension that’s built up in the neck. We often carry a lot of stress in our neck, head and shoulder muscles from day to day worries and anxieties, which manifest as physical muscle tension. The treatment is especially powerful at releasing toxins and stress, and improving the flow of blood circulation which in itself can have huge stress relieving results. The head and neck provide a lot of energy source to the rest of your body, so you’ll often find if you’re carrying tension there, the rest of your body can feel worn out and stressed, which an Indian head massage can help to relax. To find an Indian head massage therapist near you, click here:

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