Three things that can happen when you have excess earwax

Your ears can be difficult to maintain. The fact that you can’t see what’s going on in them means that you’re unable to tackle any problems when they first arise – ultimately meaning the issue can escalate before you’ve got a chance to take action. This, of course, is how earwax builds up. The sticky substance can cause a number of health issues if it’s left to build up, many of which can impact both your personal and professional life. As you ponder ear candling to combat the problem, let’s look at three risks that come from an excess of earwax.


Difficulty in hearing can be the first sign that you’re suffering from a build up of earwax. Initially it might start with mishearing a person from the next room or totally missing sounds in the distance, but over time it can be a struggle to hold a conversation with someone else without constantly missing key bits of information.


You might begin to suffer from varying degrees of vertigo if your earwax builds up and becomes attached to the your eardrum. This can leave you feeling unbalanced, which can then manifest itself into a difficulty in carrying out sensitive tasks at work or home. In extreme cases, it can also make you feel queasy and bring on overt feelings of sickness.


You’re more likely to touch your ears when you’re suffering with a build up of earwax. This – along with the wax itself – can greatly increase your chances of developing an ear infection. Aside from the fact that this can cause you to feel ill and lacking in energy, it also increases the chances that you’ll have to take time off work and seek medical attention.

What can you do?

Ear candling is a popular treatment that’s been found to be one of the quickest and safest ways to remove earwax from a person’s ear. It involves a lit candle being used to destabilise the build-up of wax and draw it out. Whether you’re already suffering from excess wax or whether you just want to take action before the problem gets out of hand, check out the ear candling experts in our directory.

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