Three reasons new mums should master the art of make-up

A massive 84% of women wear make-up, according to a report carried out by the NPD Group. There are arguably none who can reap more rewards from it than new mums. While getting dolled up with the likes of foundation, eyeliner and lip gloss might not seem like it will make the biggest difference in the world, it can actually have positive far-reaching benefits for those women who have recently given birth. With this in mind, let’s look at three great reasons why new mums could stand to benefit from mastering the art of make-up.


Pregnancy and childbirth have been found to weaken women’s immune systems. In most cases, it makes them prone to the likes of colds, coughs and other such ailments. Thankfully, any sign of illness doesn’t have to show. Instead, new mums can hold their head up high with a glowing complexion if they’ve applied make-up. It can mean they look fit and healthy even on those days when they’re feeling under the weather.


Nine out of 10 women feel unattractive after giving birth, according to research carried out by BeautyFULL. This can manifest into an issue with self-confidence, perhaps leaving new mums concerned about going out in public or spending time with friends and family. Luckily, make-up can provide the boost that most women need after welcoming their child. It can make them more willing to be social, have fun and welcome people into their home to see their little bundle of joy.

‘Me’ time

New mums are forever being told to take some ‘me’ time. It’s not always practical though, especially when they don’t want to be away from their baby. Applying make-up can, therefore, be the ideal form of ‘me’ time. It can be done while looking after the baby, exercises a strong degree of creativity and leaves you happy that you’ve managed to put some focus on yourself while still juggling the demands of motherhood.

Perfect your skills!

If you’re a new mum then you should know that you can become a whiz at applying make-up with the help of the experts in our directory. It’s a surefire way to ease you into motherhood and keep you looking fantastic at the same time!

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