The benefits of reflexology

Reflexology is much more than just a “foot” massage. Whether you work in a factory, office, a hospital, field or anything in between, it’s likely that you put a lot of stress and weight on your feet every day. It’s not always our lower backs or heads that carry stress, it can linger in the other parts of our body too. However, aside from relieving this tension and stress, people opt for reflexology for its other benefits too. Some of these are considered below.

The various health benefits of reflexology include the ability to raise energy levels, improve the nerve functions, increase circulation and more.

Improved nerve function

As we get older, our nerve endings loose sensitivity in a variety of specific areas in our body and this is particularly true of our extremities. Reflexology has been linked to stimulating over 6,000 varieties of nerve endings in a treatment, which increases their reactivity and function. Cleaning out and opening neural pathways can help to improve flexibility and functionality in many areas around the body.

Boosted energy levels

By aligning the functioning of various muscle and organ systems, reflexology can aid energy creation processes within the body and increase the metabolism. If you’re always feeling sluggish or need a boost of energy, a reflexology session could help put some spring in your step!

Increased circulation

One of the most verified and well-known benefits of reflexology is improved circulation throughout your body, which means that oxygen and blood are being cycled through the body more efficiently. This means more oxygen reaches vital organs within our bodies which thereby optimises their function and further increases the metabolism. This also results in faster re-growth and healing of damaged cells.


As we know, reflexology can enhance and expand neural pathways, this sort of activity helps us achieve a more relaxed state. For this reason, reflexology can overtake your body with relaxation, which induces a feeling of calmness throughout your mind and body.

If you want to give your body and soul a boost, then try reflexology today. To find a local reflexology practitioner, check out our  directory today.

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