Stop smoking with hypnotherapy

Have you tried everything to quit smoking and still find yourself lighting up? It’s time to give hypnotherapy a try and kick that habit for good.

Forget what you’ve seen on the television; stage hypnotism has nothing to do with modern day hypnotherapy. You won’t think you’re a chicken, you’ll be conscious throughout the process and you’ll simply be amazed by the results.

In a relaxing session you’ll be talked down in to a trance-like state. You’ll be conscious, you’ll be aware, but you’ll also be exceptionally receptive to their suggestion. It’s important to find a hypnotherapist you’re comfortable with, as there’s an immense amount of mutual trust involved and a relationship with a hypnotherapist involves placing your mind at their disposal. A good deal of the success lies in the belief that it will work, but once you have the right hypnotherapist you will be amazed at the results.

The treatment doesn’t just cover nicotine addiction; a skilled hypnotherapist will address the whole ritual of smoking, the feeling of the cigarette in your hand, the deep drag as you take it into your lungs, that comforting billow of smoke that results from the first drag and the pangs of withdrawal you feel after food or other times when you seemingly can’t resist a cigarette.

Through the art of reframing, a hypnotherapist can change the way you think about smoking and, in most cases, you simply won’t want to smoke again. They’ll change the way you see all of the things you love about smoking and actually make you feel repelled by the thought of ever smoking another cigarette.

Some people quit in just one session, even if they’ve battled to stop smoking for many years and have tried nicotine patches, e-cigarettes or even simple willpower. Others take several sessions to kick the habit for good, but the success rate for hypnotherapy is phenomenal.

So if you’ve struggled and failed to quit smoking, it’s time to give hypnotherapy a try and prepare to stub out for the last time.

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