Reflexology during pregnancy – why you should go for it!

Have you ever thought that the answer to your pregnancy-related aches, pains, tiredness, and swollen ankles could lie in your feet? Many mums-to-be worry about the safety of various alternative treatments out there. Now, the good news is that reflexology is absolutely safe during pregnancy and can positively change your pregnancy experience for you. Of course, you should always check with your midwife or doctor if reflexology is safe for your specific pregnancy.

The low-down on reflexology

As far as treatments go, reflexology is a natural, non-invasive healing technique. Pressure points on the feet and hands are used to balance out other corresponding parts of the body by activating certain pressure points, blocked energy flows, increasing blood flow and helping the body to remove toxins. Plus it feels absolutely wonderful and relaxing at the same time.

Health benefits of reflexology during pregnancy

Here are just a few ways in which pregnancy reflexology can benefit you:

 Promote deep relaxation and improve sleep

This is typically seen the first and last trimesters. Reflexology helps with relaxation while relieving stress, which helps mums-to-be to get a few extra hours of shut-eye.

 Keeps muscle aches and pains at bay

Back pain, neck tension, shoulder pain, and general muscle aches are common during pregnancy. Reflexology can help to relieve these aches and pains. It has been particularly helpful for women suffering pelvic girdle pain.

Improves digestion

Unfortunately, pregnancy can result in water retention, bloating and constipation. Reflexology can help to move things along and provide relief.

 Induces labour

In many instances, reflexology has been used to induce labour in a more natural way. It can also help the mum to feel more relaxed when going into the delivery room.

Postnatal reflexology

For the new mum, reflexology can also be highly beneficial. It can help to calm the nerves, help with relaxation and generally boost the body and mind. You can pay a visit to your local reflexologist or look for a mobile therapist to provide treatments at your home.

Boost your wellbeing when entering this exciting phase of your life with reflexology. You can search our directory for a reflexologist near you

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