How quitting the diet could help you lose weight

Every Christmas it’s the same old story: countless television ads encouraging us to treat ourselves, to forget being healthy and overindulge in festive cheer. Then in January, the opposite: we can’t move for weight loss magazines, DVDs and television programmes pointing out that our weight is wrong and that we need a six pack to be acceptable.

Many people have forgotten how to live healthily without some sort of diet, and while diets work for some people, for many they lead to a repeated cycle of weight loss, weight gain and misery. What would happen if we ditched the diets and, instead, focused on being kind to ourselves, eating a naturally nutritious diet and simply enjoying exercise?

Sometimes people find that by addressing their underlying food issues, they find a way of living a more balanced life and actually lose body fat and tone up in the process. So how do we form good habits, eat healthily and exercise regularly without following some kind of diet?

Counselling and CBT therapy

Most therapists and councillors offer services which help people cope with their food habits. Damaging food habits may be formed in childhood or through poor self-esteem. A counsellor will help you work through your food issues using talking therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Mindfulness and meditation

Finding time to be mindful and practising daily meditation will allow for calmness to be restored to a busy, hectic lifestyle. Many people feel they eat badly because of stress, anxiety or boredom. A few minutes of meditation is a natural, guilt-free way of handling those stressful times.

Nutritional guidance

A good nutritionist or nutritional therapist will help you to identify areas in your diet where you may be lacking essential nutrients. A nutritionist can help you to build healthy food choices into your life at a pace that is acceptable and realistic.

Personal trainer

These days most gyms have some sort of personal trainer element. Gyms are no longer for the ultra-fit, so don’t feel intimidated. Everybody is there to make the most of themselves and be the best that they can be.

To find the health and wellbeing expert in your area who can help transform your relationship with food, search our directory of practitioners today.

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