Qi Gong and sciatic pain relief

Sciatica is a literal pain in the behind and can make even the strongest amongst us break down and cry. Considered by many to be back pain, sciatica is actually a nerve which gets pinched when muscles tighten up. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the human body, running down both sides of the spine, into the buttocks and right down the thighs to the foot. Even though the pain is pure agony, it can usually be treated with alternative therapies.

Although there are many ways to ease the pain of sciatica, Qi Gong is one of the most effective natural treatments. As with other traditional Chinese remedies, Qi Gong works by tackling the issue at its root. Often Qi Gong is recommended as a treatment to be used in conjunction with acupuncture.

By focusing your mind (Shen) on the area of pain, your energy (Chi) will move to that area and begin the healing process. Qi Gong is also akin to yoga due to the fact that it has movements which you are required to perform. These are done while either sitting or standing and there are some that will require strength, patience and mental focus.

External Qi Gong requires your practitioner to use their own Qi, transferring it to your body by placing their hands on the area that has the pain. You do need to feel comfortable with your trainer/practitioner as this requires touch and if you are not completely comfortable, your body and muscles will tense up and the treatment may not work because negative effects will be produced. This therapy, when performed correctly with a practitioner that you feel comfortable with, can be extremely effective and one of the most significant therapies in the treatment of sciatica.

The benefits of Qi Gong are numerous, relief from sciatic pain being one of them. You will also notice an improvement in your overall health and well-being as well as the ability to fight off other illnesses much more quickly than before starting treatment with a Qi Gong practitioner. Qi Gong is a gentle way back to a pain-free life.

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