Meditation – a few of the benefits

In an increasingly hectic and perhaps even manic world, it is easy to feel yourself losing control and that life is somehow slipping you by. That, along with the massive overload of information bombarding our nervous system today as our ancestors never experienced, the art of meditation has perhaps never more needed. Here are just a few of the ways meditation can benefit you.

Reconnect with yourself

By practising meditation you have the chance to rediscover who you actually are. When you were much younger, perhaps you had a good idea of who you are. You knew what interested you and you knew what didn’t. As time goes by, most of us lose that sense of self-knowledge as we increasingly seek to please and appease others around us for a host of reasons, which aren’t always bad of course. Meditation enables us to reconnect with ourselves.

Turn the record off

Particularly as we get older we worry about things such as health, running out of money and care related worries. These worries go round and round and we frankly ruminate. Dark and unpleasant thoughts become like the proverbial broken record. Meditation enables you to break the anxiety cycle and releases your mind to focus on the pleasant things of the here and now of which there are many. Many people who practise meditation find they also tap into creative solutions to problems they would likely never have otherwise.

Better person

Others have discovered they become more sensitive and kinder people through meditation. It grounds them more fully in the world of the spirit, and we are not being particularly religious in saying that, but rather stating that slowing things down as you do in meditation enables you to begin to see things and people in a wider dimension. You are more apt to make allowances, with others and yourself, because you will connect with people at a deeper level.

If you are increasingly beset by anxieties and are perhaps well nigh drowning in a whirlpool of uncertainties, see what meditation can do for you. See our directory for a class near you

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