How sound therapy could improve your quality of life

Sound therapists hold a belief that the body contains energy frequencies, and that certain sonic frequencies can be used to realign these energies when they go a little off-key. By basking in the tuneful quality of pure sounds and frequencies, you too can enjoy the healing properties of sound therapy.

Most of us are aware of how music can affect our feelings – whether it’s gaining the motivation to go the extra mile in the gym courtesy of some pumping techno beats or having a hairs-on-the-neck moment watching your favourite band at a festival. On some fundamental level, there can be no denying that music can change our state of mind.

Of course, music is quite literally just organised noise, and sound therapy deconstructs music into the purest of sounds, while an experienced therapist harnesses an innate knowledge of how sound can affect our emotions in a powerful way.

Embracing sound therapy

Before beginning a sound therapy session, the practitioner will typically ask the client some questions about their current health conditions or medical history, before tailoring the treatment directly to them. Stimulating and relaxing sounds are used to rebalance the body, and those attending for the first time can expect to hear gongs, bells, tuning forks and even the human voice to help soothe, stimulate and calm.

The client becomes enveloped in the sounds, helping them to relax and drift off into a journey within their own headspace.

The natural way to reduce stress

A study conducted in 2008 found that upwards of 95 per cent of clients suffering from stress-related disorders felt calmer following treatment with sound therapy. Of course, sound therapy has been used for thousands of years by everyone from Buddhists to Christian monks to restore some calm to the soul.

Many proponents of sound therapy also believe in the physical healing qualities of sound, with claims that it can help with irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis and ME.

Become enlightened

If you’d like to see if sound therapy could reduce stress or even help reduce symptoms of physical ailments, why not find a sound therapist near you today to book a taster session?

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