How exercise can improve your beauty regime

Exercise: you either love it or hate it. No matter what your feelings are towards working out, we know we have to do it to maintain a healthy body. If the thought of shifting a few pounds isn’t providing enough motivation to get you moving, there are a few surprising side effects that will help to boost your beauty regime.

Say hello to a radiant complexion

Exercise naturally gets your heart rate going and increases your blood flow. As blood rushes round the body it delivers a surge of oxygen to the skin, which is turn provides the skin with a big hit of essential nutrients. If you’ve noticed that glow you get post-workout, this is why. Regular workouts will help to make a dull complexion a thing of the past.

Goodbye to lines and wrinkles

Well, it won’t get rid of them altogether, but it will definitely help keep them at bay! Exercise stimulates the release of brain-calming hormones that suppress cortisol, the stress hormone (which is why workouts are also great for a healthy mind). Too much cortisol in the body breaks down the support structure of the skin, leading to sagging skin, lines and wrinkles.

Have a detoxifying facial

As well as giving you a healthy glow, the increased blood flow during exercise helps to remove spot-causing toxins from the skin. The opening of the sweat glands can also help to remove some of bacteria, oils and dirt stuck inside the pores. Just be sure to thoroughly remove all make up beforehand to prevent it from clogging the pores.

It’s not just about the skin

That’s right, exercise can even help improve your hair too. A rush of nutrients and antioxidants are delivered to the scalp as part of the increased blood flow, stimulating the hair follicle to protect the hair against damage from everyday aggressors.

Next time you’re ready to jump off that treadmill, think of the multiple benefits you’ll receive as a side effect of your tough workout. You never know: you might even end up saving some money on expensive beauty products and treatments! You can also find fitness professionals in our directory if you are in need of some help in these areas

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