How can sports massage aid muscle recovery?

Sports massage started off as a method of averting and alleviating injuries among high-level athletes. However, the general public can benefit from sports massage, too. Ever hit the gym too hard and been left to face the burning after-effects the next day? That’s what we call delayed onset muscle soreness. Yes, it’s painful, but the good news is a sports massage can help relieve this discomfort!

What is delayed onset muscle soreness and how is it caused?

Delayed onset muscle soreness usually happens when you exercise in an overly strenuous or unfamiliar way, for example when you first join the gym, or if you play football after a prolonged spell on the sidelines. It occurs via eccentric contraction, which is when muscle fibres lengthen as they contract. The result is a dull pain, which can be experienced for up to seven days after exercise.

How can a sports massage help?

A sports massage, carried out by a qualified masseur or masseuse immediately after physical exertion, can help prevent delayed onset muscle soreness from occurring. Practitioners use standard massage techniques to target muscles and muscle areas, encouraging movement and lessening any tension. Sports massage can be quite vigorous, as it is sometimes necessary to work deep within the muscles to encourage blood and lymph flow, and to flush away any nasty toxins that might be harming our bodies. Prolonged exposure to sports massage can also make your body less prone to injury, and it’s not just a secret among the world’s foremost professional sportsmen and women anymore!

I don’t play sport – can I still benefit?

Sports massages aren’t just designed to help people recover from exercise, they can also aid in terms of relaxation and keeping stress at bay. Massage releases endorphins, chemicals that reduce the amount of pain felt by the body. There’s a reason that people come home after a long, hard day at work and beg their other half for a massage!

If you’re interested in sports massage and the benefits it can bring to your life, consult our directory today, and find a practitioner near you!

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