Healing gifts for Mother’s Day: Reiki and Crystal Healing therapy

Give the gift of energy healing this Mother’s Day with these energy-balancing and restorative complementary therapies. A course of Reiki or Crystal Healing sessions will leave your mum relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to take on what life has to throw. For the mum in need of pampering who wants to try something new, energy healing therapies can provide a fresh alternative to the more traditional Mother’s day pamper-gifts.


Reiki therapy – healing through the hands


Tired? Stressed? Overworked? If this sounds like your mum a course of Reiki could be just want she needs.


Reiki is an energy based therapy that is used to promote healing. Originating in Japan in 1922, the word Reiki itself is comprised of two Japanese words – Rei meaning ‘God’s Wisdom or Higher Power’ and Ki which refers to the universal life-force energy.


A Reiki practitioner will transmit life-force energy through their hands – if a person’s life-force energy is low they are more susceptible to stress and illness, so by raising life-force energy through Reiki the body is encouraged to heal and reach a state of increased health and happiness.

Reiki is thought to promote both emotional and physical healing, as the two are intrinsically linked, and used to remove self-limiting negative beliefs, reduce stress and improve immunity.


Some people report experiencing physical sensations such as warmth and tingling and seeing colours during Reiki, while others do not feel anything during treatment. Following sessions a patient can experience lightness and a general sense of wellbeing and tranquillity.


Crystal healing – good vibrations


Crystals are not only a great gift when given as jewellery. Stones and crystals are widely used for their healing properties; each type of crystal has a unique internal structure which causes it to vibrate at a particular frequency. Crystal energy healers use crystals to balance out the energy centers or chakras, facilitating the healthy flow of energy throughout the body and stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms.


During a crystal healing session crystals are positioned on specific points of the body and can also be swept across the body. The type of crystals the healer selects and where they are placed depends on the individual and the symptoms they are experiencing. Conditions that can be addressed with crystal healing include headaches, hormonal and emotional imbalances, low energy, insomnia, anxiety and low mood.


If you have booked your mum in for a crystal healing session at a date in the future, giving a Rose Quartz crystal or other specially selected stone on Mother’s Day itself adds a special touch.


Rose Quartz is a soft feminine stone found in varying shades of pink, representing strong bonds and unconditional love. In chakra energy healing it is linked to the heart chakra and is said to heal relationships, foster compassion and aid emotional healing.


Amethyst has been linked to hormone production and is used to help balance out emotional highs and lows, particularly useful for women who are going through the menopause. Amethyst is also recommended for those who are having problems focusing, feel overwhelmed and wish to feel more in control of their lives.


It is vital to seek a reputable, qualified therapist and advisable to book in for a full consultation before receiving treatments. Energy healing is a diverse field; other energy healing treatments include Emotional Freedom Technique, Bi-aura energy therapy, Colour therapy and Sound therapy.

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