Gwyneth Paltrow seeks counsel with L.A. based Intuitive for spiritual guidance

Gwyneth Paltrow recently described to readers of her blog how she and her team are; ‘On an unquenchable quest to experience every type of modality to help us heal, expand, and deepen our understanding of all life’s mysteries.’

Gwyneth, who turned 42 last week, split from her husband of 11 years Chris Martin in March this year and has recently been bombarded by press documenting the relationship between her ex-husband and 24 year old actress Jennifer Lawrence. With plenty of change in the air it is no wonder Gwyneth is feeling contemplative.

The actress and mother of 2 turned to L.A. based intuitive, Jill Willard, asking her numerous questions, including how Jill became aware she had psychic gifts, about her ability to communicate with the dead and how she can go about developing her own abilities. Gwyneth also consulted Jill on topics such as the chakras and unlocking the power of the third eye.

Jill Willard prefers not to call herself a Psychic due to the negative connotations attached to the term. She knew from a young age that she was unlike others describing the ‘inkling and gut feeling’ she would get about things before they happened. Her gift grew significantly in her late twenties. Describing this period she explains how she met the President at the time and knew he was cheating on his wife before it was publicly known. ‘I started to see that this ability is very double-edged, it was pulling at my heart.’ Her gift then strengthened again significantly after she gave birth to her first child.

Nowadays, Jill sees herself as a guide, and has channelled her abilities into helping people to unlock their spiritual potential and leading them towards their true path. Talking about her past experiences with clients she explains: ‘As I would converse with people about their lives, it was really a form of mirroring: I would tell them what they already knew in their hearts to be true. I could help them feel confident in their gut, and start to open themselves up. I believe that I am seeing and witnessing our higher guides and guidance, Spirit, the Higher Self or Soul, God, and consciousness.’
As an Intuitive, she does not simply tell her clients what to do in the sessions; she empowers people to make their own decisions, even if that means learning from the consequences. ‘Life is a proactive process—there is destiny, but it is primarily a sliding doors, choose-your-own adventure, and so I educate and empower them to make their own choices, which is what creates self-worth, empowerment, and healing…I came to understand that the need is to help people open their third eye and to trust what they already know in their heart.’

According to Jill we all have a natural psychic gift in a sense. It is simply the ability to be intuitive, an ability which needs to be unlocked and nurtured. ‘We all have a knowing…it’s really just a question of whether we’re willing to acknowledge and honour what we know, and act on it in a positive way.’

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