Essential oils and emotional health

Essential oils have many uses, but most people tend to associate them as an aid for physical health and ailments, overlooking the benefits of using oils for emotional health. We all experience a variety of emotions, and at a time when we are beginning to tune into our emotions more, it’s worth looking at what essential oils can do to bring balance to our emotional well-being. Here are some oils which are worth incorporating into your routine for emotional health.


Adding two or three drops of lavender oil to your bath can help reduce stress and is great for promoting a good night’s sleep. You can also add it to a diffuser, so the aroma is released gradually into the room.

Ylang Ylang

Adding this oil to an unscented body lotion and then massaging into your skin can really help enhance your mood. Ylang Ylang has mild sedative properties, so can be beneficial to your self-care routine if you’re experiencing low mood or depression.


Rose oil is quite luxurious, so adding it to a body lotion for a self-massage can really encourage a positive mood. Rose oil can contribute towards keeping an alert mind and help with concentration, so diffusing it at home or in the office (if possible!) on a morning or during the afternoon slump is a good idea for productivity.


This essential oil is brilliant for when you are feeling anxious or nervous. Add two or three drops to a nice warm bath to help you relax, or diffuse throughout your home.

Roman chamomile

Added to your bath before going to bed, this essential oil can help with sleep and combat insomnia. Inhalation via breathing a few drops through cupped hands is also an excellent way to unwind before going to sleep. This oil is also helpful during self-care for depression and is best inhaled.


If you participate in meditation, diffusing frankincense can help quieten a restless mind and body.

Before using any essential oils, please ensure you do your research on whether an oil is suitable for you as an individual.

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