Crystal Healing

What is Crystal Healing?

Throughout human history crystals have been prized for their beauty and for the magical and healing qualities they were thought to possess. From the Amazonian Indians and Australian Aborigines, to Inuits of the Arctic and Native North American Indians, indigenous peoples has respected and revered the precious and semi-precious gems known as Crystals. So the tradition of Crystal healing or Crystal Therapy is an ancient one. It is based on the premise that crystals are able to access, store and dispense ‘life energy’, as a generator would give out power. Each crystal is attributed with distinctive qualities for different uses.  Rose quartz and amethyst, for instance, are considered to have powers for healing, and crystal healers work with dozens of different crystals to alleviate particular conditions.

Though Crystal therapists work holistically to regulate imbalances in the body so that it restores itself to health, however, each crystal is connected with a particular part of the body and its disorders. For example, rubies and bloodstones to cleanse the blood; amber with joint problems and helps the healing of wounds; coral and jasper for bladder problems; fluorite for insomnia. It is the expertise of the Crystal healer to select the crystal linked to the relevant physical conditions.

Crystal healing is strongly focussed on the psychological and emotion state of a person, and again, each crystal is credited with distinct properties, for instance: Amber for depression; Malachite to reduce guilt about the past; Red jade can exposes hidden anger so the person can explore and exorcize it; Citrine eliminates nightmares and self-harming tendencies.

You can either visit a crystal healer or buy your own crystals for enhancing well-being by wearing jewellery made of the crystals, carrying them with you as polished stones, or laying them around you in particular ‘nets’ or patterns (see What to Expect below).

What to expect

Crystal healers work in different ways. Some use crystals exclusively; others combine work with chakras and acupressure points. At a first visit, a crystal healer may ask some questions about your health history and current concerns in order to tune into your energies. He or she uses intuition and experience to select the crystal or crystals appropriate for your needs.

The healer may hold one crystal and hold the other over you, or you may be given the chosen crystal to hold. Some work by laying crystals around you either at or on top of specific chakras, or arrange them around you in a special pattern to generate healing (e.g. Tourmaline Crystal Healing Net – which aims to protect and realign the body, or the Seven Colour Chakra Net – designed to balance the entire Chakra System).

The healer may ask you to visualise that you are channeling the energy through the crystal to yourself.

During a crystal healing session you will probably be asked to lie on a couch (no need to remove any clothing – just your shoes, jewelry and wristwatch     Depending on how the crystal healer likes to operate, crystals will be placed on or around you, in sometimes a mixture of both for only a few minutes and then new crystal placements made. This process can be repeated for as many times as your body requires.

A typically a crystal  session will run for approximately 45 minutes, it may be suggested that you wear a piece of selected crystal close to you, or you may be asked get a Thumb Stone ( one that has been polished and honed so that it is smooth the touch and easy to hold between thumb and forefinger and rub gently. Or you may take some Tumble Stones (small crystals which have been polished to a smooth surface (useful in Creating a ‘net’ or grid to carry in your pocket or keep in your home.  Some clients feel very relaxed, others feel nothing at all, and some report a positive benefit after a few days.

Effects and Benefits

Crystals are minerals formed underground in which the atoms and ions are organised in exact repeating geometrical patterns. Each type of crystal is unique and vibrates at a specific frequency when an electric current is passed through it.

Crystal Therapy is based on two suppositions, that the human body consists of chakras or energy fields, and that crystals emit subtle vibrations of energy that can influence, heal, cleanse, reorder conditions in the human body.

Crystal therapists claim that while they take a holistic approach, working with crystalline energy to help the body to find its intrinsic rhythm and natural powers of regeneration,  rather than treating particular conditions, nevertheless certain crystals are associated with being beneficial for certain specific ailments.

These are some of the healing crystals and the conditions they are claimed to alleviate:

Topaz High Blood pressure
Garnet Depression
Rose Quartz Stress
Amethyst Insomnia and pain relief
Bloodstone Aids Circulation & detoxifies the blood

Gemstone healing pays even greater emphasis on emotional and psychological states which it considers can be assisted by the proximity of the vibrational powers of crystals. For example it is claimed that:

Agate Enhances perceptiveness, accuracy, concentration and memory
Aquamarine Helps discernment, aids the ability to review information and make decisions.
Sodalite Uplifts the mood, banishes heaviness of heart and enhances confidence and self-esteem.
Black Onyx Soothes and gives comfort in periods of physical and mental pressure, and times of grief
Turquoise Brings clarity, puts dreams and desires into focus and helps give a voice to them.

Crystals are also associated with aura and energy work, different colours of crystals having different significances and relating to specific chakras or energy points.

Although no scientific research has been done to support the claims made for crystals, those who use them report a general feeling of well-being and positivity after a session with a crystal therapist.

Fascinating Facts about Crystal Healing

  • Jade can be used helpful in treating  ailments of the eyes – there is a legend about Buddha crying tears of pure jade.
  • When X-factor judge Cheryl Cole failed to win the hearts of television bosses in the States to participate in the American version of X-factor, her fellow (and rival) judge Paula even suggested that Cheryl try “crystal healing” to deal with her “negative energy”.
  • Peridot, a green stone, is cited in various ancient references as chrysolite. Believed to be sacred by early Christians, it is mentioned throughout the Bible. Today still, as a symbol of purity and morality, Catholic Bishops traditional wear a ring of Peridot and amethyst.
  • Recent research was done with individuals holding a quartz crystal for at least half an hour; the result of the experiment was that the pattern of participant’s brain waves changed from the alert mode (beta waves) to the calm, relaxed mode (alpha waves).
  • Citrine is considered a lucky crystal, sometimes called the ‘merchant’s stone’ as it is thought to be able to bring abundance and good fortune to whoever owns it. and to put even a fragment or tumblestone of Citrine into your purse ensures it will never be empty.

Professional Organisations

Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations

ACHO (the association) was formed in 1988 by a group of crystal healing organisations to promote training and competence in crystal healing therapy and to act as part of a nationally recognised representative body for crystal healing.

BCH (ACHO & CHF), the lead body, is a member of the General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies (GRCCT)
To Find a registered crystal healer, contact ACHO  which maintains a Practitioner Register of qualified crystal healers (ACHO & BCH) throughout the U.K. ACHO is a member of the British Crystal Healers (BCH).

British Crystal Healers

‘British Crystal Healers’ (BCH) is the lead body for schools and colleges teaching crystal healing and crystal therapy to agreed standards.

BCH is a member of the General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies (GRCCT) and has a code of conduct by which members should comply. Only Diploma Holders from the  schools on their approved list are eligible for the NHS Register of Complementary Medicine. The BCH consists of two umbrella bodies for crystal healing, namely the Crystal & Healing Federation (CHF) and the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations (ACHO).

The Crystal & Healing Federation

The Crystal & Healing Federation is an umbrella organization whose purpose is to set and uphold constant high professional standards of training and practice in the following fields: Crystal Healing, Spiritual Healing, Stress Therapy, Bach Flower Remedies.

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