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Being robbed of everything

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Hi everyone,

I've never used a site like this before but I've woken myself up crying in the middle of the night from this and thought there's maybe something to it. Any ideas? This is what I wrote when I woke up.

Organising my flat (not my flat in reality or a flat I've ever been to before). I remember feeling happy with it being organised, then people came in I vaguely knew and they started rummaging and wouldn't stop then started opening bags and looking through and pocketing my things. then more people came in taking stuff and big bags of stuff all outside until nothing was left. I went out the front of the house and everything left is being laid out for people to take or buy every last scrap of anything I owned. Managed to get my phone and some photographs from the stuff on the floor. Walked down the path to find help and it had happened to a person next door. Went somewhere else that I knew to a person of authority and told them and just curled up into a ball and cried.