Am I doing enough?
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Am I doing enough?

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I just started 'properly' exercising about 6 weeks ago I just want to know whether what I'm doing is enough.
I try to jog 2-3 times a week, but I'm not exactly the best at it. I started at doing 1 minute jog, then a couple minutes walking for half an hour at a time and now I've increased it to about 2-3 jog, walk for a minute and so on. Usually I can only manage twice a week.
I also go to an hour/an hour and a half belly dance lesson once a week. It doesn't get the heart rate up much but you do sweat a lot.
I'm at uni and I work a pretty active job 2-3 times a week as well...

I remember reading you should do three lots of 30 minutes at least per week so I just want to know is what I'm doing enough? I'm 20, 5'11 and about 13 stone.

Thanks 🙂

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every one is different and requires varying amount of exercise to maintain health and increase CV fitness, you need to set a goal and then plan your training/ exercise to achieve those goals.
what do you want to achieve

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If you are satisfied with your progress, is ok you can keep doing the same.

But I suggest if you have the time and you can push your self a little bit more, just do it. And more specific try to jog more than you walk .. I mean totally in minutes ..

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Fitbill - the OP was made 5 years ago - Rachel didn't respond.