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Very Sudden Weight Gain, Bloat + Swollen Ankles

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I wonder if anyone here can help a 54 year old male marathon runner [vegetarian, doesn't drink alcohol].

I have been feeling a bit odd this week, kind of tired and sore tummy at times, nothing major. Yesterday I noticed I thought my tummy was quite a bit bigger than normal and I weighed myself and discovered I had shot up to 72kg (normally I am always 66kg).

Later I also noticed ankles swollen and I think water retention is the likely cause of all this. Possibly caused by eating a lot of fibre, lots of raw fruit and veg etc earlier this week and last weekend.

My son recommended eating a couple of bananas and avoiding salt which I have done since yesterday afternoon to fix any potassium/sodium imbalance. And I've cut way back on the raw veg to see if that helps. Weight is the same today as yesterday but similar swelling in ankles and tummy.

Any thoughts or recommendations ? I will go see a doctor if it doesn't improve over the weekend.

Many thanks for any ideas.

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Don't worry. Just concentrate to your diet and exercise. Make sure that you take low fat and carbs in your diet. Green tea is also really effective to burn extra body fat. But with your diet it is most important to take some exercise. And i think for you running and swimming is effective. Must try it.

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