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Small bump on right testicle

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I have two VERY small bumps on my right testicle. They are on the testicle itself and about the size of a breadcrumb - not anywhere near the size of a pea. In a way the seem like they might be on a vein (I can see the vein through the skin in a bright light) that is slightly inflamed. I noticed them a week ago.

I have been to the doctor but he couldn't feel it as it is so small. He is going to send me for some tests just for my piece of mind but that may be a few weeks away

The bump is on my right testicle but my left testicle feels heavy and aches a little. Is it likely that the bumps (I wouldn't go as far as calling them lumps) on one testicle are connected to the ache is the other testicle?

Any thought on what the problems are would be much appreciated. I will be going for tests to get it checked out but am still worried it might be something serious.


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Hello Andy and welcome to Healthypages

Have moved your post over to the men's health forum where you will find some other similar posts. However, please be aware that nobody is qualified to give you a diagnosis on Healthypages and it is best to go for the tests your GP recommended - hopefully this will be soon for you.

best wishes

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Hi Andy

It could be nothing or it could be something that needs attention.
Its good that you've reported this to the doctor and are going for tests.
Until you go for tests and get the results there's little you can do so instead of worrying about it pay attention to your diet and if not already on a healthy diet learn more about how to improve your nutritional intake.


Dr. Adrian Pop
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While the probability is that this is not serious, it's not worth taking the risks. Go and see your GP. They are used to such things and won't feel in the slightest bit embarrassed or awkward, even if you do (as I did :o)