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Free Portable Massage Couch

Sole Sensation
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I hope that you are all well. I haven't been here for a number of years and the website has changed so much - all so very good and interesting. I could quite easily spend an afternoon reading through the interesting posts.

I'm sorry if I have posted in the wrong section. I just can't seem to find where to post this. If anyone knows, please let me know and I will post in correct place.

I gave up my therapy work some time ago and, sadly, I don't need my couch anymore. It is taking up space and someone could be using it - whether student or professional.

It is a white portable couch with face hole. It comes with a navy blue case with wheels. The frame is white metal and the couch itself is white. It is height adjustable and in absolutely excellent condition.

I don't have photos but it was bought from Beautelle.

Please tell me your story and what brought you to where you are in your complementary healthcare career and I will then consider who to give this to.

Collection must be from my home in Harrow, Middlesex where social distancing will be observed.

Thank you.

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geff green
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massage session is good but I prefer to use massage recliners too