Aura-photography session – Gwyneth Paltrow treats the team

Last week Gwyneth Paltrow, actress and Editor-in-Chief of goop – an online magazine, booked her and her team in for an aura-photography and energy reading session with a U.S. aura-photographer. The images proved enlightening and the photographer was shocked by the striking similarities between the auras of the team members.

“I have never done an office visit before, and it is beyond fascinating to me how similar the auras are. It’s clear everyone is on the same page. The purple in the lower left corner is representative of incoming energy and is consistent with everyone at goop…The similarities between the group are wild.”

The term aura refers to the electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body and every organism in the Universe. The colours and pattern of a person’s aura can change according to their state of mind and emotions, but generally speaking the base colours will stay the same. Some Healers and Intuitives claim that they can tune into a client’s energy field and see auras using their psychic abilities.

The first aura-imaging camera was built in 1970 by Guy Coggins, President of Aura-Imaging™ which continues to manufacture aura-imaging equipment. The company claim that the aura-imaging cameras they create can photograph what a Healer or Psychic would see when reading someone’s aura.

During an aura-imaging session the aura-imaging camera uses hand sensors to analyse an individuals unique energy vibrational frequency. Using this technology the vibrational frequency is matched to corresponding colour’s, making an individuals energy field visible and transferable to a photograph.

There is no such thing as a bad aura reading, as each colour has both positive and negative interpretations depending on the context of the reading. For example, the colour red denotes strength, willpower and passion and can also symbolise new beginnings. However, depending on the shade and arrangement it can also be indicative of anger or low-energy and depletion.

Each unique aura photo can reveal previously unknown information to a person about their mental, physical, spiritual and emotional life. Put simply aura-photography and analysis facilitates self-awareness and subsequent learning and personal development. Understanding your energy field is illuminating and empowering – with this new information you can make changes or build upon highlighted strengths.

“When we realize that everything originates from within, we’ll see that all the love, peace, and happiness in the universe is inside, waiting to be expressed. That’s when we’ll discover pure joy. We can have that. It’s really so simple and easy when you learn about unique splendor of your own energy.”

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