All you need to know about pregnancy massages

Pregnancy is a wonderful time and you just cannot wait for your little one to arrive. However, with pregnancy comes the dreaded aches, pains and other factors that can make you feel slightly uncomfortable. You may never have thought of having a pregnancy massage, however, it may have an impact on getting rid of some dreaded symptoms of pregnancy.

What is a pregnancy massage?

A pregnancy massage is different to a normal massage, in terms of focusing on body areas that won’t cause any harmful risks. The mother will lie on her side and experience either a full Swedish body massage or a lighter technique depending on preference. During the massage, the area between the ankle and heel won’t be touched as this has been believed to be connected to early labour.

Here are four benefits to a pregnancy massage:

1. Relieves backache

As your baby grows, there is a lot more pressure on your back, especially in the lower area. Having a pregnancy massage helps soothe those muscles that are working extremely hard to get rid of any tension.

2. Takes care of stretch marks

You may or may not have acquired heavily defined stretch marks, but if you do, this is perfectly normal. You have a little human growing inside which is causing a tightness of the skin. It is important to take care of your skin, therefore the oil used in the massage will be moisturising.

3. Relieves tiredness

Carrying another human around is tiring work and getting some time for relaxation is essential to help with both your body and mental state. If you haven’t been sleeping very well, a massage will re-energise you and allow you to feel much more ready for birth if you are near your due date.

4. Improves circulation

During pregnancy, cramping and swelling is very common as circulation is working harder than normal. Having a massage will help improve the circulation and prevent such symptoms from occurring during the late pregnancy stage.

If you would like to find out more about pregnancy massages, click here for therapists local to you.

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